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We can’t dance on Broadway – Tour 2019/2020

Europe’s greatest tribute show is taking their new programme on tour in 2019 – 2020. The band celebrates the work of Genesis and has modelled a special Show containing greatest hits and classics that everyone will enjoy.

The show focuses on the 1991 hit-selling record „We can’t dance“ and the ultimate fan-favourite „The Lamb lies down on Broadway“ from 1974. The Bands ambition is, to combine the artistic ambitious material from the early Peter Gabriel era of Genesis with the Hits Phil Collins had with the band.

In addition to Songs from these two records, like „In The Cage“, „No Son of Mine“, „Jesus He Knows Me“, „I Can’t Dance“ or „The Carpet Crawlers“, GENESES will present further hits and classics in their over two hours long performance. „Mama“, „Land of Confusion“, „Afterglow“, „Los Endos“ or „Thats All“ are just a few songs to be reckoned with.

GENESES’ style is much comparable to that of the British original. The artists’ love for detail combined with great talent enables them to create their nearly perfect reproductions of the different eras’ style.

The band goes back to 2014 when it all started with a bulletin board entry: “Musician wanted for Genesis tribute band. Professional attitude expected”. From their Brunswick base, the band is traveling all over the country and fills up concert halls wherever they go. Following numerous requests from abroad, GENESES has lately decided to extend this tour and perform in several neighbouring countries in addition to their home country Germany.

GENESES captures their audience in both progressive, rock and also pop and have, thus far, managed to convince even the greatest critics. The tribute band’s success lies especially in its capabilities to successfully manoeuvre in the broad musical territory that Genesis has laid out and to embrace every detail of the music in a most professional manner.

Another strong point that GENESES places, is its focus on offering a relatively exact liveshow. The musicians emphasise on both a saturated but sensitive sound and a dramatic light show to perfectly underline their music.


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GENESES – The Genesis Tribute


Fabian Piekert
Mobile: +49 151 – 40 51 70 95
Office: +49 5341 – 4027098