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Europe’s greatest tribute band is taking their new programme on tour in 2018. The band celebrates the work of Genesis and has modelled a grand Best Of containing greatest hits and classics that everyone will enjoy.

Much to their fans delight, Europe’s greatest Genesis tribute band is going on their next tour starting in spring 2018. This tour, which will be the band’s second production, includes 20 shows all over Germany and is the therefore the biggest tour of a Genesis tribute band in the country. Following numerous requests from abroad, the band has lately decided to extend this tour and perform in several neighbouring countries in addition to their home country Germany.

Geneses’ style is much comparable to that of the British original. The artists’ love for detail combined with great talent enables them to create their nearly perfect reproductions of the different eras’ style.

Geneses goes back to 2014 when it all started with a bulletin board entry: “Musician wanted for Genesis tribute band. Professional attitude expected”. From their Brunswick base, the band travels all over the country and fills up concert halls wherever they go. Countless people are still very much interested in Genesis’ music, which covered quite a few different styles from the late 1960s until their Farewell tour in 2007.

„We play the hits, but we love the older, seemingly bulky, songs most dearly.”
– Singer Alex van den Berg

The top-class musicians of Geneses capture their audience through their talents in both progressive, rock and also pop and have, thus far, managed to convince even the greatest critics. The tribute band’s success lies especially in its capabilities to successfully manoeuvre in the broad musical territory that Genesis has laid out and to embrace every detail of the music in a most professional manner.

Another strong point that „Geneses“ places its focus on is offering a relatively exact liveshow. The musicians emphasise on both a saturated but sensitive sound and a diverse light show. They have big shoes to fill since Genesis has focused heavily on fantastic light shows starting as early as the mid 1970s.

Their new programme offers much than merely the hits that have become popular due to Phil Collins in the 80s and 90s. Fans will be delighted to get to hear some classics from the 1970s, the era of Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett. The show consists of tracks from the following albums: “Invisible Touch”, “We Can’t Dance”, “Selling England By The Pound”, “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”, “A Trick Of The Tail”, “Wind & Wuthering”, “Duke”, “Abacab” and other LPs. Brought together, fans will get to see a well-rounded and exciting show and are guaranteed a special concert experience in the 2018 tour.

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GENESES – The Genesis Tribute


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Mobile: +49 151 – 40 51 70 95
Office: +49 5341 – 4027098


Fabian Rosenberg
Mobile: +49 152 – 53 79 34 31
Office: +49 30 – 47 399 380